More Krugerrands In Stock

Thank you to all who placed preorders and asked about our perfect replica Tungsten core Gold coins.

We are pleased to announce another batch of coins in stock now.

All orders have been dispatched to those who ordered.

$380USD each, minimum order quantity of one coin, tracked shipping by courier worldwide. Multiple discounts available.


Krugerrands sold out

Due to high demand from buyers we are temporarily out of stock of Tungsten Krugerrands.

If you wish to buy our fake Krugerrands when they are back in stock please contact us

We have begun manufacture of another batch and will be ready to ship within later in the week.


Brand new dies

Brand new dies now in use for even higher quality fake gold coins.

Our Tungsten based coins were already the highest quality on the market, we have improved both the Krugerrand and Eagles even further while lowering the cost.

Next batch available later this week delivered within 4 days worldwide.


Tungsten Krugerrand For Sale

More tungsten krugerrands now in stock. Worldwide delivery, no minimum order, buy one coin! Discounts when buying multiple coins. Our tungsten krugerrands are the highest quality and easy to sell with a high gold content compared to competitors. Size and weight accurate to 100ths, buy tungsten krugerrand today! bullion [at] privatdemail [dot] net


Tungsten Kruggerand

Gold plated Tungsten Krugerrand 1OZ coins in stock

Will send worldwide

No minimum order

Correct size and weight due to Tungsten alloy

Undetected by fisch test

Actual Gold content, not thin plating

bullion [at] privatdemail [dot] net