Payment and Delivery

Our products are priced very fairly, each item requires a large amount of design time, dies are created and revised several times before releasing a new product, dies are constant improved.

Each of our products whilst mainly Tungsten, do contain several grams of pure Gold contributing to the manufacture cost and value.

The risk our products expose you to is very low due to the amazing quality, yet they are priced low enough to enable you to make hundreds of dollars worth of profit each.

We have minimum order quantities of 1 for all product. If you wish to purchase more discounts will be offered.

Not happy with the item you receive? Return it for a full refund. It’s that simple, you won’t be disappointed though.

Our products are all sent securely via courier to most parts of the world to any address you specify, if you do not want anyone to sign for the item, delivery can be arranged via standard mail, there will be no tracking on this service and we will not be liable for losses.

For anonymity of both parties, payment via Bitcoin is preferred, other methods may be accepted however, please contact.


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