Tungsten fake Gold

You may wonder why Tungsten is used in our fake Gold products. No two metals share the exact same density, if we were to use a lighter metal than Gold, a fake coin or bar would have to be larger to attain the same weight,  Tungsten shares a very similar density to Gold, allowing us to make products the same size and weight as their Gold originals.

By using a combination of Tungsten, Gold and Alloys we are able to make replica Gold bars and Coins that match the weights of the originals to hundredths of a gram, and sizes to hundredths of millimeters, such small amounts of variation between our products are well within the tolerances of genuine Gold bullion products.

Our fake Gold products do actually contain a large amount of pure Gold content, our fake 1OZ Krugerrands and Eagles several grams of pure Gold content. This does contribute to the price of these items however the finish, quality and perfect dimensions cannot be faulted.


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