Tungsten Gold Coins

Gold coins with a Tungsten core are often harder to convincingly fake than bars however it can be done, very well.

We are perfectionists, we want to provide you with the best possible fakes. We spend countless hours preparing the first die for a coin, this is usually improved several times before we start supplying a specific coin. From time to time we make small improvements and add extra years to the coins we already produce. If you are waiting for a specific coin I suggest you simply get in contact and try one of our designs that is ready as you may be waiting a while for us to finish new designs.

We currently have the dies for the following coins;

South African Krugerrand

American Eagle

We have been working on the following;

Canadian Maple Leaf

American Buffalo

We are considering Tungsten versions of the following;

Austrian Philharmonic

UK Britannia

UK Sovereign

Chinese Panda


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